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Meet VelocityWatcher

VelocityWatcher is the first-ever real-time monitor that uses A.I. to create an early detection system for sudden changes in organic social conversation around a brand, competitor, or category.                      

It is an always-on monitor of the real, organic conversation taking place outside of owned social channels, including the complaints, comedic perspectives, and crises that don’t pop up as notifications or appear in automated dashboards. 

VelocityWatcher does not require training, staffing, or technology commitments. When an organization uses VelocityWatcher, Fizziology analysts create the monitoring system, analyze the alerts, and notify client escalation teams however they prefer, whether by phone, email, or messaging platforms such as Slack. This eliminates false and irrelevant alarms and minimizes time commitments for the client.

VelocityWatcher is a multi-industry solution that provides support for media and entertainment, sports, travel and tourism, and lifestyle brands. It can be used by digital marketing departments, publicity and communications teams, crisis response teams, consumer insights groups, and ad agencies. VelocityWatcher is built for targeted uses as well, such as piracy monitoring and I.P. leaks.

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