Global Audience Insights

Travel + Tourism

Travel + Tourism

Today's travelers look to the opinions of their friends and family on social media before deciding where to spend their time and money. We look across all of these conversations and analyze these opinions, helping brand managers and marketers understand audiences at the speed of social.


Crisis management

When news breaks, real-time actionable data is critical. Without data-oriented insights, it is impossible to know the proper course of action or response. We have experience helping C-suite execs. 

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trend reports

We create trend reports that help travel and tourism professionals keep up with the latest traveller trends. Our most recent report was just featured in Hotel Business. Contact us for our latest trend report - for free - today.


marketing opportunities

We use our data to find audience opportunities that translate to more effective marketing. From identifying a new audience segment to target to measuring the impact of different media and creative tactics, we can help make your marketing better.