Global Audience Insights




Fizziology uses social media data as a real-time solution to measure fan interest for teams, events, sponsors, and media. Most sports organizations are using social listening for athlete activations and one-to-one CRM, but we use the data in unique ways that can unlock value and create competitive advantages.


I-Vem (In-venue experience monitor)

I-VEM is a report that shows key stats and insights for a particular team/venue. It includes the number of check-ins, popular locations for selfies, what people love about attending an event there, and what can be improved. These can be on a weekly, monthly, or annual cadence and can be used to create a better fan experiences, as well as for sponsor sales and reporting.

Sponsor measurement and REporting

On-going reporting to measure how fan engagement and sentiment has changed in the market, and how /why fans have talked about the brand and the sports property over time.

Fan feasibility study 

A comprehensive report that provides insight in to how fans or in-market consumers will react to major decisions or announcements. This report will combine the current pulse of the fan base with the reaction to similar, historical events.

Global research insights 

Think global. Fizziology can provide the same level of reporting in over 14 international markets,  analyzing international fan opinions around brands, teams, and athletes to inform critical decisions.

Crisis communications 

Fizziology’s dedicated team will work immediately to provide fan reactions and insights to help strategize proper communication tactics in the wake of any crisis.

Fan tracking and segmentation 

We analyze a sport or team's fan base to understand who is talking about the team, identify core vs casual fans (and what they talk about!), and measure changes in the audience and conversation over time. Fan segmentations include geo analysis, media habits, and the creation of audience profiles that can be used by marketing teams. We also can investigate broader trends, such as younger male season ticket buyers or sports cord-cutters.

Sponsorship opportunity finder 

Fizziology can analyze the social media shared from a venue to find under-utilized areas for sponsorship signage and activation. We can also analyze the fan conversation around a team and find brand categories or specific brands that would be good sponsor targets.