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We are the leading social media insights company in media and entertainment, working across studios, networks and filmmakers. 


Benchmarks and predictive analytics

Data without context is just numbers. We have tracked every major film and television show for years, giving us a rich dataset to properly contextualize social performance. Our data science team is continually testing new models and new ways to understand the relationship between online opinions and real world performance.

We provide comps for every datapoint - domestically and internationally. From understanding the relationship between volume and box office by genre (as visualized in the graph to the left) to comparing a second trailer to similar trailer 2's, we provide the most thorough data analysis in entertainment. 


As a film or TV show nears release, it is important to measure key social measures of success against both competitive and similar properties. We have full data sets - volume, sentiment, gender, geo, intent and more - for all entertainment properties. Our 3x per week tracking for films (U.S. and International markets) is the industry gold standard.

Tracking Report for U.S. Films - April 2017


We provide reports a wide range of relevant topics, from casting and I.P. analysis to measuring marketing effectiveness. We create over 300 trailer reports for studios every year, as well as industry-wide reports for Comic-Con, TIFF, and Super Bowl advertising. We also create reports on media habits, audience trends, and creative questions.